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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Clima de medo vs. Tecnologia

Beck's take: The real answer to the problem of global warming is innovation, not government regulation. Henry Ford embodies America’s spirit of innovation: Nearly a century ago, he combined innovation and capitalism to give people what they wanted, and needed, at the same time. This kind of innovation will make a real difference.

America should embrace nuclear power. It is nearly emission-free and has the potential to replace fossil fuels for electricity production, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption. The last nuclear power plant to be completed in the United States came on line in 1996. No new licenses have been granted since the 1970s. Why? Environmental panic.

The Tesla, an entirely electric sports car that is nearing production, helps solve two major problems: carbon dioxide emissions and the male midlife crisis. However, the Tesla doesn’t look eco-friendly, which is why people actually want to buy it. This hybrid is not only environmentally friendly – it’s also cool to drive!

Bill Lord’s home in Maine is completely solar-powered, with water and heat running through photovoltaic roof panels. Lord essentially generates as much as he uses, and his only fees for electricity are the basic hook-up charges: about $7 a month

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