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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Transporte individual

Encontrei um estudo americano que comenta a eficiência do transporte individual sobre o coletivo. E aqui um comentário do site EcoNot:
Mass transit = death by environmentalism--
Environmentalists hate the automobile, deeming it one of the greatest of Man's assaults upon Mother Earth. And qua socialists, 'viros also hate the automobile because it is a symbol and means of Man's individuality and independence, allowing each of us to travel wherever he wants to, whenever he wants to. Small wonder, then, that the greens yearn to pack all of us into crowded, government-run cattle cars, hauling us en masse to destinations chosen by central planners. To advance their collectivist vision of people-moving, environmentalists make glowing claims about the relative eco-friendliness and safety of public transportation--buses and light rail trains--compared to the alleged "energy inefficiency" and "danger" of private automobiles. The only problem with these claims is that they are totally false. The Independence Institute has just released a study of the matter titled "Great Rail Disasters," based on the federal government's own safety and energy efficiency statistics. "Turns out overall that buses are much, much safer than light rail, and cars even safer than buses," concludes Institute president Jon Caldara. "Here are the boring stats for fatalities nationally, per billion passenger miles, from the National Transit Data Base: 3.9 for urban interstate highways, 4.3 for transit buses, 11.3 for commuter rail and 14.8 for light rail." As for energy efficiency: "Energy consumption is measured by BTUs (British Thermal Units) per passenger mile. Here are those boring stats nationally: 3,500 for passenger cars, 4,800 for buses and 4,100 for light rail." So, a word to environmentalists: If you want to waste more energy and kill more commuters, then by all means continue to force people out of their private cars and into public transportation. But while doing so, please don't pretend that noble motives and rational considerations underlie your deadly efforts. [Posted 2/25/04]
E aqui vai o arquivo do estudo citado:
Para conhecer um autor brasileiro que estuda o mesmo assunto:

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